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Dont leave yet… Look at these cool word gifs. Amazing right? Well stay on this blog to learn how to make moving stuff, and many more.  *note: these pics dont belong to me*



So I’m back! Only for now, haha…

idk I just wanted to make a post since I kind of miss being here :’       )

I debated about making a new blog, but since I know I’ll be hardly updating it, and I was going to rant about art anyways, I’m just doing it here……..

Anyways, here’s some of my recent art!

…so if you didn’t figure it out by now, all I’m doing is promoting my art.


I’m mostly active on Twitter, and Tumblr so if you want to talk to me I’m always there!!!!

I’m also on da but I only go on once every three days or so….so less frequently haha

k ya thanks bye!!

English help.

Is anyone really good in English??? Or are your parents really good in English.

If possible can u guys help me? Comment your E-mails if you are willing to help..

Because I am going to E-mail you about it.


(I’m not so good in English >.< )

P.S: If you are gonna help, pls email me (once i emailed u) before the 1st of April.

How to Color: Hair

My first tut I hope I explain clearly

My tools: Paint tool sai, water, marker, blur, airbrush.

Step 1: Finish your line art (if you haven’t already)

Step 2: Pick out your colours! You will need:

  • Base color
  • Dark
  • Even darker color
  • 1-3 lighter colors

In my case, I ended up using 7 colors.

Step 3: Color in your base. If you are using a specialized art program (such as gimp or paint tool sai, make layers! It’s okay if you don’t color within the lines, since you can always clean it up later.

Step 4: Make a new layer. If possible, clip it to the base layer (prevents you from coloring outside the base color and makes cleaning up a lot easier) Add your dark shade in. Airbrush is helpful for slightly coloring the hair tips. Using your water tool and blur tool, blur the two colors according to the flow of the hair. Do not blur it too much or the hair will look flat!

Step 5: Like step 4, create a new layer, and clip it. Color in the darker areas and blur if necessary.

is this even helpful

Adding something like blue to brown hair may be weird, but it won’t be so visible in the end.

Step 6: Create a new layer (for every new colour, I don’t want to repeat myself anymore) and clip. Repeat step 4, but only this time in the light area regions, with your light colors. Blur/water areas you think need blurring and watering.
im sorry im bad at explaining


Step 7: Slightly airbrush the area around the face (with your characters skin color) to give it a warm “glow”.


I’m sorry I’m really bad at explaining

Was this even helpful


I’m sorry!!!

Im reaallly sorry I dont post >.<

The thing is I have my annual exams next month. And the portions are huge… So I never get time to post anything or do art…..

I might quit blogging. As you see this isn’t helping me at all… Cos it kinda takes time to make tutorials of art too… Like the video I made on the “Text Image” page took me more than 30 mins, because I kept on re-doing it to make it perfect. But the page is still underconstruction.

Anyway here is my art soo far…..




New Coloring Style

Decided to change my coloring style to something not as intense o3o



I really like this style, since it needs a lot less control than my usual coloring style, and cause it’s really soft and comforting ;w;

I’ll probably be using my old coloring style for chibis and scenes that require intense colors hahahahaahahh


Don’t you wish

Don’t you wish you could just dye your hair pink or fluro orange or something? I wish I could. I’ve never asked my parents. My Arabic BFF at Arabic school has this dye for kids and she’s dyed her hair different colours. She’s so lucky. I wish I could. But I have to be like 17. Comment down that if you could dye your hair any colour, what colour?

Hello :3

My name is Mynameis  Karley/Kz1212.

Feel free to call me either ^^^^^^^^^^.

I am just a random, awesome (;)), weird, and crazy girl.

Who loves;

  • Games
  • Electronics
  • Drawing
  • Anime


I’ll post my art and random stuff x3

Erm…. Enjoy~